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JavaScript Missile Command

I wrote this minimal version of Missile Command for my teenage son who was interested in programming something that could be played in a web browser, without the need to implement any plugins or external modules.  Missile Command was a game I grew up with in grade school.  I’m happy that there’s so many ways […]

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WHM / cPanel spam bypassing mx record

I’m running several WHM/cPanel systems, and am using a dedicated Barracuda anti-spam firewall for all incoming and outgoing email to these systems.  I have recently had the problem where spammers are not honoring the MX record for the domains hosted on the cPanel systems.  The spammers are connecting directly to the websites IP address to […]

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Finger Pointing and Passing the Buck

In the past two weeks I’ve had three different corporations pass the buck when I’ve asked them for assistance with their product or service. To be fair, in each instance, there was a gray area where it was a bit unclear which corporation was responsible for supporting me with the particular issues or problems that […]

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Samsung keypad Disable

The application Samsung keypad (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again

The following error cropped up after I tried connecting a Verbatim Mobile Wireless Keyboard (model #97537) to my Samsung Droid smart phone. The application Samsung keypad (process has stopped unexpectedly.  Please try again   Here is the model phone and OS that I have running on it. Manufacturer : SamsungModel : Samsung I405 Stratosphere (SCH-I405) […]

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How to install Diaspora* POD on CentOS 6.4

I initially followed the instructions for Fedora 18, located on this page here as a starting point. But there were many differences and dependencies required to get Diaspora* up and running on a CentOS 6.4 box.   So, here are the steps I followed to get it up and running for CentOS 6.4.  This […]

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Cisco Linksys home routers no longer recommended by me

It is with great disappointment that I will no longer be recommending Cisco Linksys routers to my friends and family.  I used to swear by these devices for home use.  They have always had the best features and were the most reliable devices around. However, I have discovered that with the latest products (EA3500 (N750) […]

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