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Host Pond Web Hosting, Portland Oregon

Web Hosting Portland Oregon

Too often I have encountered people that have been wanting to setup a website.  They contemplate it, dream about it, and talk about it often for years.? What stops them from taking that leap into actually setting up their website.  Maybe its the fact that they can’t walk into a web hosting business and ask […]

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The wisdom of Dave Grohl (My Hero)

* The Wisdom of Dave Grohl * My Hero * I believe that Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) understands the stages of grief and loss intimately.? Many of his bands songs are with me, in my heart and spirit through this extraordinarily difficult year.? He expresses these emotions so much better then I feel I ever […]

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When will my soul breathe again?

when will my soul breathe againcounting backwards from 10meditating, relaxingand practice of zen the path was there before methen Satans spawn interjectedshe likes to ride for freeand suck up all my energy when will my soul breathea sigh of relieffree from the life thiefonce and for all   -Richard Powell01-Sep-2009

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