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Archive | March, 2009

Plesk inside OpenVZ memory problems

I believe that the errors encountered below when installing Plesk inside an OpenVZ Virtual Environment (VE) were encountered as a result of memory allocation issues.? Plesk recommends 256MB RAM minimum for 100 domains. However, I’ve found that this does not seem to be enough in a VE. On the hardware node (HN), here is the […]

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OpenVZ free memory in container not correct

According to the recommendation on the OpenVZ page below, Table C recommends settings for 256MB RAM for a container (VE) that seems incorrect to me. For the values of privvmpages, vmguarpages, oomguarpages, & shmpages, the values are multiplied by 4 in terms of available memory on the VE.? For this reason, the recommended values […]

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date: cannot set date: Operation not permitted (OpenVZ)

Upon installation of an OpenVZ container (VE/Virtual Environment) I was unable to set the date, and the time-zone was incorrect.? Attempts to set the date resulted in the following error. # date 031612482009 date: cannot set date: Operation not permitted   To correct this problem, exit from the container (#exit) and issue the following commands. […]

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DNS not resolving in openvz container (VE)

After creating and starting a container on OpenVZ, dns was not functioning by default.? Pinging google receives the following error.   # ping -c 1 unknown host   Whoa, this page seems a bit overkill.   Instead, I simply added the following two lines to /etc/sysconfig/iptables /etc/sysconfig/iptables (on HN) -A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -d #.#.#.# […]

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Plesk inside OpenVZ Container

I’m currently installing Plesk inside OpenVZ.? I have run into various problems with the way the wiki on explains setting it up, and how I’m actually ending up setting it up.? This page documents all my settings, and will likely point to other pages with errors that were encountered using the settings described on […]

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Control Panels

This section is dedicated to troubleshooting problems encountered with the various control panels.? Currently I use Parallels (Formerly Ensim) Pro, and Parallels Plesk Panel, so that is what you will find here.? Eventually I will likely use CPanel as well, so that will be here as well.  

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This area will have various sub-sections based on the topic.? The following is a cursory list of area’s which I’ve had problems with in the past and I believe will eventually be populated. Control Panels Parallels (formerly Ensim) Pro Parallels Plesk Panel Parallels Plesk (formerly modernbill) Billing Parallels Virtuozzo (openVZ) Virtual Private Server OpenVZ VMWare […]

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This section will eventually be sub-divided into different tutorial areas.? The area’s most likely to appear here will be as follows.? ?General computer knowledge. Operating Systems Storage and Memory Applications General Internet knowledge. DNS / Bind HTML Email and Spam Basic/Simple Protocols (SMTP, POP, HTTP) Web hosting and maintenance. FTP Editors (Dreamweaver, Expression Web, Coffee […]

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