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Plesk inside OpenVZ Container

I’m currently installing Plesk inside OpenVZ.? I have run into various problems with the way the wiki on explains setting it up, and how I’m actually ending up setting it up.? This page documents all my settings, and will likely point to other pages with errors that were encountered using the settings described on the wiki at

The hardware node (HN) in this case is Centos 5.2 (Final), and the Virtual Environment in this case is Fedora 8 (Werewolf).

I was attempting to follow example table C on this page.

Here are the commands issued on container ID <veid> to set things as advised in the table above.

vzctl set <veid> –ipadd #.#.#.# –save
vzctl set <veid> –nameserver #.#.#.# –save
vzctl set <veid> –save –numproc 400
vzctl set <veid> –save –numtcpsock 500
vzctl set <veid> –save –numothersock 500
vzctl set <veid> –save –vmguarpages 102400
vzctl set <veid> –save –kmemsize 16384000:18022400
vzctl set <veid> –save –tcpsndbuf 536570:10485760
vzctl set <veid> –save –tcprcvbuf 5365760:10485760
vzctl set <veid> –save –othersockbuf 1503232:4063232
vzctl set <veid> –save –dgramrcvbuf 262144
vzctl set <veid> –save –oomguarpages 102400
vzctl set <veid> –save –lockedpages 4096
vzctl set <veid> –save –shmpages 131072
vzctl set <veid> –save –privvmpages 262144:292912
vzctl set <veid> –save –numfile 8192
vzctl set <veid> –save –numflock 200:220
vzctl set <veid> –save –numpty 64
vzctl set <veid> –save –numsiginfo 512
vzctl set <veid> –save –dcachesize 4194304:4317184


To avoid the following issue.
DNS not resolving in openVZ container (VE)
Add the following lines to

?/etc/sysconfig/iptables (on HN)

-A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -d #.#.#.# -j ACCEPT
-A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -s #.#.#.# -j ACCEPT?

Where #.#.#.# is the containers (VE) IP Address.? Then restart iptables on the Hardware Node (HN).

# service iptables restart


To avoid the following issue within your container.
date: cannot set date: Operation not permitted (OpenVZ)
Issue the following command on the Hardware Node (HN)

?# vzctl set <veid> –save –capability sys_time:on

In order to avoid the following issue.
OpenVZ free memory in container not correct
Issue the following commands on the Hardware Node (HN), IF you wish to allocate 256MB total memory for your VE.

vzctl set <veid> –save –privvmpages 65536:73228
vzctl set <veid> –save –vmguarpages 65536
vzctl set <veid> –save –oomguarpages 65536
vzctl set <veid> –save –shmpages 32768


These fixes were required in order to make the install of Plesk work.? I actually had to go back and reinstall Plesk after encountering these errors.

Sadly, in order to prevent the following issue.
Plesk inside OpenVZ memory allocation issues
I needed to increase RAM to 512MB for the VE.

vzctl set <veid> –save –privvmpages 131072:146456
vzctl set <veid> –save –vmguarpages 131072
vzctl set <veid> –save –oomguarpages 131072
vzctl set <veid> –save –shmpages 65536


At this point, I’m ready to install Plesk on the VE.? Install command is.

# ./parallels_installer_v3.4.1_build090120.13_os_FedoraCore_8_i386

Install options are.

Plesk Control Panel

Parallels Plesk Panel 9.0.1
3 – Custom

Add PHP 5 Support
Postfix (not Qmail mailserver)


I seem to recall problems beyond this on my first install.? However, I must have corrected them by increasing the memory to 512MB.? Go figure.



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