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WHM / cPanel spam bypassing mx record

I’m running several WHM/cPanel systems, and am using a dedicated Barracuda anti-spam firewall for all incoming and outgoing email to these systems.  I have recently had the problem where spammers are not honoring the MX record for the domains hosted on the cPanel systems.  The spammers are connecting directly to the websites IP address to […]

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Unable to fetch cPanel user file for username after Ensim migration

After migrating several websites from Ensim (Parallels) Pro, I encountered the following error when trying to modify the accounts from within cPanel.   “Unable to fetch the cPanel user file for username”   ?Ultimately it was this thread?here?that solved the problem for me.   Execute the commands below. # cd /var/cpanel/users# grep “USER=site” *? This […]

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Plesk inside OpenVZ Container

I’m currently installing Plesk inside OpenVZ.? I have run into various problems with the way the wiki on explains setting it up, and how I’m actually ending up setting it up.? This page documents all my settings, and will likely point to other pages with errors that were encountered using the settings described on […]

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Control Panels

This section is dedicated to troubleshooting problems encountered with the various control panels.? Currently I use Parallels (Formerly Ensim) Pro, and Parallels Plesk Panel, so that is what you will find here.? Eventually I will likely use CPanel as well, so that will be here as well.  

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