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Finger Pointing and Passing the Buck

In the past two weeks I’ve had three different corporations pass the buck when I’ve asked them for assistance with their product or service. To be fair, in each instance, there was a gray area where it was a bit unclear which corporation was responsible for supporting me with the particular issues or problems that […]

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Cisco Linksys home routers no longer recommended by me

It is with great disappointment that I will no longer be recommending Cisco Linksys routers to my friends and family.  I used to swear by these devices for home use.  They have always had the best features and were the most reliable devices around. However, I have discovered that with the latest products (EA3500 (N750) […]

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technologies and protocols of a smartphone

Technologies and Protocols in a Smartphone. I’m compiling this list to demonstrate many (not all) of the great technologies that are employed in current smart phones.  If you compare this list against the supposedly innovative contributions from Apple, I wonder which will be seen as the greater contribution and of greater value.  I suspect that […]

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Host Pond Frog

50% off for 6 months, today only

Signup or migrate your website TODAY (26-Jun-2010)?ONLY and get 50% off for 6 months! Promotional code is “pdx50”. Offer good for the first 5 customers only. That’s $4.98 for a business web site, and only $2.48 for a personal web site.    

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