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I created this site for the purpose of sharing knowledge with others.  It will be designed to serve two different groups of people.

  1. Individuals and Businesses that wish to have a website, but are not technically inclined.  There will be tutorials and how-to’s designed to explain the options available and terminology used.
  2. Technically minded people that are running their own web hosting business.  I run a web hosting business, and I often run into difficulties where I find solutions not previously published elsewhere on the Internet.  I will publish detailed accounts of these troubles and the solutions I’ve found to deal with them.  It is my hope that this information will help others in the same way that I’ve received help by finding similar posts from other’s.

Hopefully this site will grow increasingly useful over time.

My real name is Richard Powell.   You can find my resume and contact information here.

I am the owner of the Portland Oregon based web hosting company Host Pond LLC

One of my first real exciting experiences with computers was working with the Census Bureau in 1989.  I had figured out a way to spawn a process out of the Menu driven system on an old VAX/VMS system and was able to see the raw census data that us data entry clerks were inputting and verifying.

Luckily for me the Regional Automation Technician (RAT) that discovered what I had done didn’t react harshly as many people do about this sort of thing.  Instead, she saw some talent in me, and took me under her wing and trained me in the ways of the RAT! Computers have been a serious part of my life ever since that moment.

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