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Archive | July, 2011

create bootable windows server 2008 usb stick

I had the most difficult time creating a bootable usb stick to install Windows Server 2008 R2 (64bit). I tried several free/opensource programs, but after 3 failures, I found the manual process for doing so. Basically I was cheap and didn’t get a DVD drive with my server from Dell. I kind of regretted it, […]

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cpanel mailman feedback loop strips email address

I have several customers using a combination of mailman and cPanel. In order to track spam complaints I have various feedback loops in place with Comcast, AOL, Roadrunner, etc… Invariably, when someone on a mailman list complains of spam through their ISP and I receive a message back from the feedback loop, they (Comcast, AOL, […]

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Unable to fetch cPanel user file for username after Ensim migration

After migrating several websites from Ensim (Parallels) Pro, I encountered the following error when trying to modify the accounts from within cPanel.   “Unable to fetch the cPanel user file for username”   ?Ultimately it was this thread?here?that solved the problem for me.   Execute the commands below. # cd /var/cpanel/users# grep “USER=site” *? This […]

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