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Unable to fetch cPanel user file for username after Ensim migration

After migrating several websites from Ensim (Parallels) Pro, I encountered the following error when trying to modify the accounts from within cPanel.


“Unable to fetch the cPanel user file for username”


?Ultimately it was this thread?here?that solved the problem for me.


Execute the commands below.

# cd /var/cpanel/users
# grep “USER=site” *?

This will give you a list of accounts (or users) that were likely broken after the migration. ?If you tried to modify any of these accounts that are displayed, you would likely encounter the error above.
Basically you need to modify the files listed from your search and replace the old “site##” reference from the Ensim/Parallels account to be the name of the actual username.
As an example…
In the file called “myuser”, myuser is the account username. ?And in my case, perhaps the file contained the line “USER=site35”. ? I would want to go into that file and change that string to read “USER=myuser”.?
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