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eMachine T1090 bios password lost reset user manual

Apparently someone set the BIOS password on this old emachine t1090 that I need to reinstall.? The BIOS is configured to NOT boot from CD, so I can’t reinstall the thing without resetting the password.?


After searching the Internet for over an hour trying to locate either 1) instructions for resetting the bios password on the emachine t1090, or 2) a user manual for the emachine t1090, I discovered the solution to my problem printed inside the case of the system.


See this picture of the sticker below that clearly shows instructions for clearing the bios password.
emachine t1090 clear or reset bios password jumper


In the next image, you can see how I took jumper 8 (j8) and moved it over to pins 2 & 3. ? Once I rebooted the system with these new jumper settings, I simply moved the jumper back to pings 1 & 2 so that the password could be set again in the future if necessary.

emachine t1090 jumper 8 clear bios password

Hope this information is useful to someone that has lost their BIOS password on this old emachine. Now, if your emachine is making sick sounding/groaning sounds during the reinstall like mine is, I can’t help you there.? 😉




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