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Finger Pointing and Passing the Buck

Dilbert-Buck-PasserIn the past two weeks I’ve had three different corporations pass the buck when I’ve asked them for assistance with their product or service.

To be fair, in each instance, there was a gray area where it was a bit unclear which corporation was responsible for supporting me with the particular issues or problems that I was having.  In each case, more than one company was involved with the product/software or service.

However, I can’t help but feel frustrated at the technical support departments at these corporations for immediately passing the buck and placing blame and responsibility on someone else without properly giving the problem their full attention. Their first reaction after seeing that another companies product was involved was the knee-jerk reaction to say “Contact the other guys, it’s not our problem”.

At Host Pond, these types of support requests occur often. We have customers calling in with problems that are not necessarily a problem with our service. It is often a problem with their ISP (Comcast, Verizon, Qwest, etc…) or their local home network or router.  And yet, in every case I have offered some level of troubleshooting for these customers.  I give their problem my full and undivided attention so that they can better understand the problem, and thereby use the proper technical terms when they eventually do call their ISP or router manufacture to receive technical support.

This helping philosophy is one that I try to impart to my employees whenever these incidents occur.  It seems worthwhile putting this philosophy down in writing as an official policy for the support team at Host Pond.

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