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This section will eventually be sub-divided into different tutorial areas.? The area’s most likely to appear here will be as follows.?

  1. ?General computer knowledge.
    • Operating Systems
    • Storage and Memory
    • Applications

  2. General Internet knowledge.
    • DNS / Bind
    • HTML
    • Email and Spam
    • Basic/Simple Protocols (SMTP, POP, HTTP)

  3. Web hosting and maintenance.
    • FTP
    • Editors (Dreamweaver, Expression Web, Coffee Cup)
    • Online editors (Site Builder)
    • CMS (Joomla, PostNuke, PHPNuke, WordPress)

At some point in time, some of these tutorials will be offered in person to my web hosting customers (and non-customers as space permits).? It would be desirable for folks to learn some of these things in order to get a solid understanding of things.


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