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The wisdom of Dave Grohl (My Hero)

* The Wisdom of Dave Grohl * My Hero *

I believe that Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) understands the stages of grief and loss intimately.? Many of his bands songs are with me, in my heart and spirit through this extraordinarily difficult year.? He expresses these emotions so much better then I feel I ever could.

These stages of loss not only apply to death, but situations like divorce and separation.

?? The 5 stages –

?? Denial : Anger : Bargaining : Depression : Acceptance

The songs that have been with me a lot this past year.


Denial (Bargaining) : Let it Die

? “Do you ever think of me?? You’re so considerate.”
? “In too deep and lost in time, why’d you have to go and let it die?”

? The parting of the holding hands in this video, and the screaming
? toward the end are spot on to the feelings.



Anger (Depression) : Best of You

? The anger is not just over the loss.? Someone has litterally been
? getting the best of me for the better part of 2 and a half years
? now.

? “My head is giving me life or death, But I can’t choose”
? “Has someone taken your faith?? Its real, the pain you feel
?????? You trust, you must, Confess”
? “Is someone getting the best of you?”



Acceptance : Times Like These

? The lyrics of this song were with me before I even saw the video.
? Helping me to move on.? The video is awesome though.? It effectively
? illustrates the act of letting go of things/stuff that are not
? important.? Though I still have moments of the other 4 stages, this
? (acceptance) is where I’m spending most of my time today.

? “It’s times like these you learn to live again”
? “It’s times like these you learn to love again”
? “I’m a new sky to hang the stars upon tonight”



Acceptance : Learn to Fly

? The acceptance part of these lyrics may not be so obvious, but it’s
? there.? Think of accepting in the sense that ultimately your life
??is in Gods hands, and you don’t have the control you ever thought
? you did.? I’ve accepted that.

? “I’m looking to the sky to save me.”
? “Make my way back home when I learn to fly”
? “Run and tell the angels everything’s alright”



Ok, this last one isn’t neccessarily part of the 5 stages, but Dave
Grohl is my Hero for 2009, so I’m including this one.? Also, this song
was dedicated to Kurt Cobain by Dave Grohl.? I believe that many of
the Foo Figher songs have been inspired by Kurt Cobain, his life, and
his death.

Dave Grohl has said that he never offered his song idea’s while in
Nirvana because he was intimidated by Kurt Cobain.? While Kurt’s
death is/was tragic and sad, I’m eternally greatful for Dave Grohls
strength and courage to pull through it and bring his music, heart,
and soul into my world.

My Hero



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