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yahoo maps service backend fetch error 403

I have tried replying directly to the following post on Yahoo. Unfortunately, Yahoo just responds by redisplaying the “reply” form and doesn’t accept my response.  I am therefore posting this information on my blog to try and see if others are having this same problem. Basically, as the poster above states, I’ve been using […]

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cpanel mailman feedback loop strips email address

I have several customers using a combination of mailman and cPanel. In order to track spam complaints I have various feedback loops in place with Comcast, AOL, Roadrunner, etc… Invariably, when someone on a mailman list complains of spam through their ISP and I receive a message back from the feedback loop, they (Comcast, AOL, […]

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This area will have various sub-sections based on the topic.? The following is a cursory list of area’s which I’ve had problems with in the past and I believe will eventually be populated. Control Panels Parallels (formerly Ensim) Pro Parallels Plesk Panel Parallels Plesk (formerly modernbill) Billing Parallels Virtuozzo (openVZ) Virtual Private Server OpenVZ VMWare […]

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