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vmware view error 28053 a dll failed to register scredir_vchanclient.dll pcoip error

I have been struggling for hours to get the VMware View client to work on an old eMachine T1115 running Windows XP SP3.  As it turns out, according to this VMware article, my old eMachine’s Celeron processor may not be capable of running PCoIP.

The specific problem is that my processor seems to support Streaming SIMD extentions (SSE), but not SSE2 (SSE version 2).  When going to Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Information, I see that my processor is “x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 10 GenuineIntel ~996MHz”.  According to the properties of My Computer, it is a Celeron processor.

According to this thread, there is a Processor Identification Utility that will tell you if your CPU supports SSE.  Installing and running that program resulted in the error “processor is not supported by the Intel Processor Identification Utility”.   And it instructed me to install the Intel(R) Frequency ID Utility instead.  The results of that utility indicated that my processor did indeed support the Streaming SIMD extensions, but I could find no version number.  I assume that it was just version 1 based on scouring the Internet for documentation.

At this point, I’m assuming I can not use these old eMachines as VMware View clients because of this SSE2 requirement.   I thought I had tried forcing RDP earlier, but I can’t recall now.  I may test RDP at some point again, but as I really want to use PCoIP, I may not ever get to that test to see if it will work.  UPDATE: I forced RDP on the View Connection server, and now I can connect with the old eMachine.  So, there may be life yet in these old eMachiens, so long as we don’t mind using RDP instead of PCoIP.

Below are some specific log file output for the purpose of helping google searches in finding this page.


vdmInstUtil: 09/12/12 10:32:44 Process returned 3
vdmInstUtil: 09/12/12 10:32:44 Failed to register C:Program FilesVMwareVMware ViewClientbinscredir_vchanclient.dll
vdmInstUtil: 09/12/12 10:32:44 Posting error message 28053
vdmInstUtil: 09/12/12 10:33:38 MsiProcessMessage returned: 1
vdmInstUtil: 09/12/12 10:33:38 End Logging
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